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Albérlet a Szakkollégiumban

Kétágyas szobában:

saját fürdőszoba (zuhanyzó, wc)

közös konyha

Ár: 40.000,- forint / hó

Kaució: Egy havi kollégiumi díj + 5.000,- forint kulcskaució

Egyágyas szobában:

közös fürdőszoba az emeleten

közös konyha az emeleten

Ár: 47.000,- forint / hó

Kaució: Egy havi kollégiumi díj + 5.000,- forint kulcskaució


közösségi terek, közös konyha, könyvtár, ping pong asztal, konditerem, zárt, fedett udvari kerékpártároló, Wi-fi


Önéletrajz és motivációs levéllel az iroda@szentignac.hu e-mail címen.

English information

Saint Ignatius Jesuit College is a special dormitory where you may join a great community of students attending various universities of Budapest.

In the heart of the city, the College is a bastion of the Jesuit headquater. In the neighborhood of the Jesuit’s centre, the freshly renovated building is filled with new life. Behind the preserved historic facade, the seven-floor building with its public areas (reading room, chamber of dialogue, chapel, dining-room, 12,000 volume library, etc.) is ideal place for learning. Due to its location in the city centre, most of the universities can be reached quickly, specially by bicycle.

The main Library, the tram 4 and 6 and the subway line 3 are within a few minutes’ walking distance. There is no lobby service, you can come and go whenever you want with your own keycard.

Common facilities

  • library with study space

  • well-equipped kitchen with dining-room

  • roofed bike storage

  • small gym

  • terasse

Facilities on the Jesuit Campus

  • Loyola cafe and restaurant, with breakfast options and midday menu

  • large chapel and church

  • conference room

  • animated programs, meeting places

Facilities in the neighborhood

  • cosy restaurants, bars and cafés

  • university area with more than 10 faculties

  • Danube riverside for jogging, Gellért Hill

  • shops, grocery stores

  • excellent public transport network (metro, tramway and buses)

Housing at Saint Ignatius Jesuit College

  • College rooms with two beds

    • with bathroom (shower, toilet)

    • common kitchen space

    • semester fee (5 months): 250.000 HUF/775 EUR (with charges)

    • security-deposit 50.000 HUF/155 EUR, key-deposit 5.000 HUF/15 EUR (with charges)

  • College rooms with single bed

    • with common bathroom

    • common kitchen on the same floor

    • semester fee (5 months): 300.000 HUF/975 EUR (with charges)

    • security-deposit 60.000 HUF/195 EUR, key-deposit 5.000 HUF/15 EUR (with charges)

For applying please send your CV and a motivation letter to the following address:


Application deadline:

  • for FALL semester: June 15. (You will be notified until July 15.)

  • for SPRING semester: December 15 (You will be notified until January 10.)

For further information, please contact: