Aquarium is a place for friendly and spontaneous conversations and pastoral guidance. 


Our common parties’(Veni Sancte, Te Deum after party) scene is the attic, where there is always an opportunity for night-long conversations.

Chamber of Dialogue

The college’s yearly student conferences, different forums, tea-houses and spontaneous evening film clubs are held in this room. 


In the daily learning and hurry, it’s really important to relax a bit and start concentrating on why and for whom we are doing all of this. Our chapel, with its spiritual library provides great opportunity for this activity with weekly prayer-meetings. In addition you can drop in anytime for a silent, individual conscience/contemplation???.  

Computer room

If anyone would like to print, scan or just simply use the Internet (and they don’t want to use their own laptop or Wifi connection), this is the best place. 


Besides the freshness of spirit, the body’s health promotion is also important. Our gym provides great opportunity for a little workout in several ways. 


A college student does not need to watch cooking programmes on TV, because a nonstop gastro show takes place in our new kitchen. We can use a new, larger kitchen this year on the third floor. Sixty college members cook here their everyday food. A few college members have also founded a gastro blog about their specialities.


Our multidisciplinary library with its 150000 volumes provides the availability of various books and the opportunity to learn in silence, which is really necessary in the exam period.

Living room on the third floor

If you invite guests, organize a Dixit party or just want to read the missals on the living room shelves, we can recommend you the third floor. Here is our new living room, equipped with armchairs and Dixit.

Reading room

Besides leading periodicals and most important weekly newspapers, courses or Student Committee’s Meetings are held in this room.


There are a few rooms on the third floor, which are not used by college members, but by foreigner students, who came here with Erasmus programme or by subtenants. This is a very good possibility for the college members to get to know, example Turkish, Chinese or German students and moreover, it is a good experience to hear that the Belarus girl says „enjoy your meal!” in Hungarian for the Turkish girl.


There is a little roof terrace, from which the view of Budapest is breathtaking. It gives a great venue for parties, evening meetings with long conversations and drinking wine, but lots of students just simply go there to relax.

Terrace on the third floor

This is one of the most relaxing places in our building. From the terrace facing the patio, you can see the stars or the lamplight coming out from windows of the collage members in the evening.

TV room

If we would like to watch a film together or feel the power of crossing our fingers for the Hungarian team at the time of some competitions, we get together in the TV room.