Public Lectures with Mr Kolber István, Mr Balog Ádám and Mr Kovács Zoltán

In the last weeks we organized three Public Lecture events, with the participation of influential public figures.


During the community weekend we met with Mr Kolber Istán, a representative of Democratic Coalition, with whom we discussed the program of his party, the role and the responsibility of young people in society, and we talked about Pope Francis and the R&D in Hungary.

In the next PL event our guest was Mr Balog Ádám, the vice-president of The Central Bank of Hungary. We talked about the recent politics, the future and purposes of economics, the problems of foreign currency loans and the being of a college for advanced studies.

Lastly, we hosted Mr Kovács Zoltán, the International Spokesperson of Hungary. Our topics were the case of redrawing constituency boundaries, the internet tax, the propaganda war, the political morality and the question of Hungary’s global opening.