Community weekend at Cegléd

On our last community weekend we went to Cegléd, where we could have a rest and spent some quality time with each other for two days.


During the weekend we held a Public Lecture event with Mr. István Kolber, a representative of the Democratic Coalition, with whom  we discussed the program of his party, the role and the responsibility of young people in society, and we talked about Pope Francis and the R&D in Hungary.

This weekend was the weekend of competitions: we organized our special SZIK-quiz, won by a freshman this year and a cooking competition among the teams, where we were looking for the recipe of the best “paprikáskrumpli”.

As a relaxing program we went to the thermal bath&spa of Cegléd, where we enjoyed the hot water and could forget about the weekdays.

There was no lack of fun programs: we had to make a presentation about ourselves and the future of our college, where we revived all the funny and memorable moments of the years we had spent  here.

We closed the weekend with an open-air Holy Mass, with the participation of our orchestra.

It was a great community weekend, so we would like to say a huge thank you to the organizing Team of Event Management.