Junior Education Programme

The Junior Education Programme is consisted of four plus one modules for junior students. These four modules help juniors to acquire basic communication skills, competences, and help to start scientific work. Also, it can help the integration of juniors into the community, not only in the dormitory, but also at the university. Furthermore, the courses provide information about the everyday functioning of the dormitory.

In the first module presentation-skills take place. The languages of the course are English and Hungarian, the aim is to acquire presentation techniques and improve the style of the juniors’ communication skills.

The second module is consisted of everyday knowledge about politics, economy and social life. The language of the course is Hungarian, it is one and a half hour every week. It helps juniors to be more found in public and social life, as well as be able to form an own opinion in this topic. It improves critical thinking and debate skills.

The third module is rhetoric. It is a blocked course, aiming to acquire basic rhetorical skills. It also develops communication skills and helps to form an own style in speeches.

The fourth module is the so-called ‘SZIK-Knowledge’. It is held in the first part of the semester. The lecturers are the seniors, the members of the Student Committee and other students. They present technical knowledge, like user skills for Outlook, SharePoint, and Moodle. Here, mostly technical skills are set, but also the community life is depicted. At last but not least, the Housing Policy is also introduced during this module.

In the end, there is a plus course, which intends to teach the basic methods of scientific research. This course is held in the first days of September.