Credit system

In the beginning of the 2014/15 year the credit system is implemented in Saint Ignatius Jesuit Dormitory for Advance Studies. It is introduced to benchmark the performance of the students in a more sophisticated way, by this, increasing professionalism and intellectual inside the dormitory.

The credit system is based on paragraph 66 of the Organizational and Operational Regulations.

The learning hours are consisted of lessons and the own learning hours of the students. During the year, 30 credits has to be absolved. The minimum are 10 credits per semester. Hence, it is advisable to split these credits proportionally, 15-15 per semester, although this proportionality is not compulsory. The credit value of a lesson is defined commonly by the Board of Directors and the Student Committee.

The division of the subjects is the following: obligatory subjects worth 6 credits, alternative courses are between 3 and 6 credits, while elective subjects are 3 to 4 credits. This proportionality is similar to the one, applied in higher education. However, it has to be mentioned that the selection of compulsory courses is constant, and not changing during the years.